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5am wake up call, 7am train and there I was making the beautiful walk up a lovely tree-lined hill towards Chusonji at 0930.

My buddy Justin lives up in Iwate and came over to Chusonji to meet me; we had a good catch up while walking around the gorgeous temple grounds, then hopped the train back a few stations to Ichinoseki to pick up Philip and start the day. v=7Mplb B7sdv E&feature=Royce is one of the more unique spots we've visited, and that's saying a lot.

The schedule was tight and I had proposed having an early lunch then getting straight to Basie, but Philip wisely and rightly said since we were here let's try and fit in the Royce Jazz Cafe first, if only for a few minutes. Way far from Ichinoseki station, Royce is a combination small liquor store on the right, jazz cafe on the left. Gonbei Nanashima was surprised when I rang the bell (surprised would be an understatement, more like astonished..) and asked me 'are you here for the jazz? Three tall, lanky foreign guys have taken the bullet train just to come to your fine establishment.

Nanashima-san kindly let us in and then explained about his astounding audio system, which includes the same model speakers as used in the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

Then his very old pal Shimaji-san came in and sat down, receiving a glass of wine within seconds.That's how I get when I enter a gorgeous jazz joint. And that's only the wall behind the bar, there were records lining two other walls around the side where we sat.After ordering some drinks, I went up to talk to Sugawara-san, the legendary owner of Basie. Johnson, he never came here but most of his band did when there were in Japan.casualness with which he talked about all this struck me.So we got a lift over to Basie which is a bit closer to Ichinoseki Station, and I started to get excited, nervous, jumpy.Calling ahead to check the opening hours at Basie a few days earlier, my dear Mrs.

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